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Company Overview:

We offer a fully comprehensive consultancy service, providing impartial and free advice on what, where and how to buy a car. We can simply answer questions for free or we can negotiate and arrange any part of the entire purchase on your behalf.

If you're not sure what car to buy or how much you should pay for it, if you have any unanswered questions that are stopping you from getting a new car then A B Cars can help.


To provide the consumer with all the information needed to enable them to buy the car they want at the very best price.

About me

I have been passionate about cars since childhood, always preferring car magazines to story books, so no-one was surprised when I trained as a mechanic with the ambition of owning my own garage. But a knee injury stopped me in my tracks and I decided if I couldnít repair them I would sell them instead, cars that is, not knees.

All the main dealers said I needed sales experience before they would employ me so I set about learning how to sell. Door to door, over the phone, in a shop, in fact every aspect of selling until I became very good at it and started work in a Ford Dealership. However, I soon found I didnít enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I tried moving to a busier dealership, then a more prestigious one but it still didnít feel right.

Then I realised why. I loved cars and knew a lot about all makes but I could only advise customers about the best car my main dealer could offer, which wasnít always the best one for them.

Thatís when I decided to set up in business. Friends were always asking me for help when buying a car and saying how much they appreciated my objective advice as well as the money I saved them and I realised if I could help friends I could help strangers too. As an independent consultant I can use my negotiating skills to benefit my customers not my employers and I now know that job satisfaction for me comes from achieving customer satisfaction for you.

So when youíre ready to buy a car (or any other vehicle) why not find out how A B Cars can make car buying easy because whatís right for you is whatís right for us.

It really is as easy as 123






We are a family run business selling Quality Used Cars and assisting people to buy any car from any other source. We have over 15 years of experience, knowledge and business contacts to help you find your perfect car at the perfect price. Look through our site to see how we can be of assistance.

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